Theme Thursday: Vacation

Sliiiiiiiding in here a little late this week.  Sorry!

Our family vacation this year won’t be until the end of September, so instead, let me show you a picture from a previous year:


This was three years ago, on our vacation to go hunt down Champ.  That’s right.  Not only are we a rollicking Catholic homeschool family, we’re also amateur cryptozoologists.  Unfortunately, Big Bleu, the tent in the above picture, has since gone to the happy camping grounds in the sky, and so our weekend trips have been put on hold until a new tent, big enough to fit 8, drops out of the sky in return.

(we miss you, Bleu!)


  1. says

    Linking up using my phone and I won’t let me actually choose a thumbnail photo. Weird.

    We have a couple GoLite teepee style tents that we LOVE. I don’t think they come big enough for 8…but you could put two next to each other. :-) We also have a 4 room mansion of a tent that we haven’t used in years. It actually sleeps 12! We haven’t been camping yet this year…not until next week, anyway. Hooray for camping vacations!


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