Theme Thursday: Sand

Yesterday, in an attempt to be more present with my kids, I took them to the sprinkle park and allowed myself to take pictures only once.  Then I put the phone away and played in the water and swung on the swings and all that stuff.

Which means I missed photographing the moment when five wet kids decided to lay down in the sand pit and make sand angels.  Wasn’t even thinking about this week’s theme.  See what happens when you put away your phone?  Calamity.

So instead, you get an oldie but a goodie.  One of my favorite pictures of one of my favorite people in one of my favorite places.

sand hands


Gabriel, several years ago, playing on the beach at Watch Hill, RI.  Look at his little hands!  Look how chubby!

As an aside, if you ever come visit us during the summer, we will take you to Watch Hill and it will be glorious.



  1. says

    That’s the way of it too. Missing the proof but having the memories. At least you were there and they’ll remember that. Hope you got all the sand out of their hair! Love Gabriel’s little hands. A great picture for sure.


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