Theme Thursday: Bright

Did you know there’s more than one kind of dawn?  It’s true.  There’s astronomical dawn, and nautical dawn, and civil dawn.

I only know this because I live in New England, where dawn comes, I’m not kidding you, at 4:30 a.m. at the height of summer.  So bright, so early.

It’s ok, though.  Winter is so long, and so dark, and I spend most of it dreaming of days like this, full of sunlight and flowers and warm.  Even if the  days start at 4:30.



  1. says

    Oooh, I love nasturtium! Very pretty photo.

    I’m not sure we even have dawn during the summer. Technically the sun goes down, so I suppose technically we do have a dawn. But since it never really gets dark, we never really see dawn! :-)

  2. says

    Lovely. Just lovely.

    I need to also let you know that when I visit your blog Christopher looks at Veronica riding the fisher cat and says “Yee-haw.” Every time. No fail.

  3. says

    Too bad the early morning brightness only lasts for a short while! Those are lovely flowers. I’m sure they brighten up your garden :)

    • Cari says

      I know! It seems like winter dark lasts waaaay longer than the ridiculous dawn action. How is it that winter lasts 4.5 months, when summer barely is 3?

    • Cari says

      I usually do, too. But this year has been so weird in terms of weather and temps and general growing conditions that I’ve really tried to remember.

  4. says

    Lovely pic! We spent a week in New England (our first day there was the first day of summer), and I LOVED that the days started so early. I was able to get out for a couple of lovely morning runs long before anyone else in my family was awake! I’ve been absent from this link-up for a while, glad to be here again! :)


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