Mystery Bumps

So things have been weird around here.

scary hand illusion

I googled “Scary Hand Picture” since I didn’t have a picture of Lotus’ mystery bumps, and this one came up. Otherwise, completely unrelated to the post.

Last week, Lotus got some sort of flesh colored bumps all over her hands, and then the bumps started itching.  Then the bumps started itching so much that she couldn’t sleep.

And that’s when surly bear Lotus came out.

All day Sunday, she was hysterical, itching her hands, writhing, insisting that I sit in bed with her, then accusing me of wanting her to take a nap just so I could leave her.  Nothing worked.  I googled the heck out of everything I could think of, and nothing fit all her symptoms.  Nothing helped, either.  I first tried my hippy herbal stuff.  Nothing.  Then cortisone cream.  Nope.  Then Benadryl, which knocked her out for two blissful hours, but didn’t do anything to stop the itching.  Then Calamine lotion.  Nothing.

She got some relief if she smeared her hands with hippy salve, let it soak in, then put her hands under warm water.  Then the itching would stop, and the bumps would actually go away.  But once she stopped, the bumps were back within 5 minutes and the itching started again, along with the hysterics and surly bear Lotus.

Finally, I realized that if I sat her right in front of the AC window unit, she calmed down, the itching subsided, and life was better.  After about 24 hours hogging up all the AC in the house, she was much better.  I could tell she was better because she stopped saying irrational, accusatory things, and just started happily playing the “I’m sick” card because she is a deeply lazy creature.

I called my doctor this morning, and I really love my doctor.  I told her the whole strange saga, and, after a long pause, she said to me, “Soooo…do you want, like, a diagnosis, or for me to tell you whether or not to bring her in?”

Yes!  That second one!

The doc told me that if I brought her in, she wouldn’t be able to figure out what the bumps were from (“Probably surface contact with any of a hundred things”), but would rather treat the symptoms.  “And since the AC thing seems to be working, keep it up.”

So Lazy Lotus gets to hog the AC until Wednesday, at which point I will take her to the doctor if the bumps aren’t gone yet.  But, looking at the cat what ate the canary grin she has on her face while she curls up in front of the air conditioner, reading a book, I have a strong suspicion that our mystery bumps will have cleared up by Wednesday- particularly if it means no going over to her friend’s house until they are.


  1. Amanda says

    Did she have a fever at all with it? Or bumps anywhere else? I was wondering if it could be hand-foot-mouth. There’s a lot of that going around in our area, evidently, so I’m praying my swimmers – who are at the public pool for practice every day – don’t catch it or bring it home to the rest of us! 😛

    • Cari says

      No fever, the bumps weren’t red, and they were only on the backs of her hands, not her palms. Mysterious, right?

      And yeah, public pools always give me the willies.

    • Cari says

      We’ve got chiggers in CT, but the bumps aren’t red, like chigger bumps are. I’m telling you, it’s mysterious!

  2. Lisa says

    Me me me!! I know this one! Actually no, I don’t, but I get it. Backs of the hands to just past the wrist. Itches insanely crazy until the bumps are welts and my hands look swollen. Happens to me once or twice a summer, usually after a sudden rise in temperature. First camping trip of the summer, so outside for an extended time. If I fly from not so hot Sputh Dakota and walk out of the airport into sudden humidity of tenneessee or Alabama. Oddly, running after work for an hour doesn’t do it. It’s goes away as suddenly as it appears and only happens in summer.

    • Cari says

      Yes, this sounds exactly the same! Well, even if you don’t have an answer, Lotus feels better knowing that she’s not alone.

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