Theme Thursday: Swim

When we lived in Mississippi, there was a neighborhood pool.  It was totally exposed, right by the entrance to the sub, and without a single scrap of shade from any tree whatsoever.  This meant that it was usually pretty empty until seven or so at night, when it filled up with the neighborhood high schoolers, but in the late morning and afternoon, it was a ghost town.

I’d take the kids almost every day.  It kept them occupied.  It counted as bath night.  And while by 10 a.m., the water was a warm as a bathtub, it didn’t stop them.  I have so many happy memories of the five of us spending long, sunny days poolside, then coming home and tucking four exhausted kids to sleep with the smell of chlorine hanging heavily in the air.

june 2009This picture was taken at the pool, half a decade ago.  I can’t believe we’ve lived here in Connecticut almost as long as we did Mississippi.  It’s impossible.  Here there is no neighborhood pool.  In fact, whenever I see people with pools in their backyard, I find myself shaking my head, because I can’t imagine the expense and time commitment for only three months of enjoyment.

But the kids still long for a pool.  So every year we get the requisite blue and white blow up deal.  The year we got it at Aldi, and today for Theme Thursday, I made the kids pose for one of those photo recreation deals.

june2014Swimming is decidedly less fun here in New England pools.

Join in!



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    We had a similar experience when we moved to Michigan. We bought a house that had a pool at one time, filled in pre-us, and left a haunting rectangular impression in the backyard. We found a city water park, but the summers were too cool to convince me to get wet. My kids are a different story, they don’t seem to develop an internal thermometer until teen years.

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    Thank you again for the revival of Theme Thursday! :) We have the inflatable ‘kiddie’ pool that the big kids have declared is just too ‘babyish’ for them. We just bought the one like yours this week, even though the kids really wanted the big one with the filter. Not happening any time soon. We do have a lake or two near here, but the water can get pretty nasty so we are still limited. It would be nice if the land of 10,000 lakes actually had a nice clear one near our house. ha!

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    What?? Everything is more fun in New England! You just need to find friends with a pool, then you can enjoy all the gloriousness without any expense or time commitment. Same goes with boats. And horses.

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    Hi. It’s my first time doing your link up. I am the other way with you. We lived in Delaware, 12 years and we did not have a pool in our house either. One house we lived in a community which had a pool but I was shock at the price for only 3 months and our last home there , we join an different pool that the pool wasn’t too expense but since I am from South Florida, I just thought it was crazy to pay for only three months of swimming.

    Now. We live in south Mississippi, where we have access to four pools in our community and it’s open 8 months but we have other access to swimming, the beach and lakes.

    Where in Mississippi did you lived?

    God bless.

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    Oh how I would love a pool in my backyard. I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone had a pool and those were the best three months of every year! Alas, we too have only the requisite blow up pool.

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    I like the recreation concept!

    I really wanted to participate in this week’s theme, because I just went swimming for the first time in a year. But alas, ’twas too cold to be bothered with a camera and figuring out how to take some artsy, appropriate swim photo!


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