Seven Disjointed Quick Takes


These really will be quick, since Gabriel has a speech lesson in just over an hour.  I am amazed how much improvement he’s made in such a short amount of time.  Never underestimate the power of a pretty, soft spoken adult allowing you to play with a whole room of toys.


Yesterday, I was asked to put an archive tool in the sidebar.  So I did.  And promptly lost a couple of hours going back and re-reading my blog’s humble beginnings.  Man, I’m a funny person- those old posts were cracking me up.  Also, they reminded me that for a brief time, I wanted to name Jude Thomas “Mason Elijah”.  Wow.  I clearly was smoking crack back in the day.


The results for my parents’ dog are in!  My mom called last night to tell me, and we were both shocked.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.49.21 AMIn other words, the dog is about as mixed a breed as they come.  Or, as my godfather put it, Brubeck is a “long haired hippy”.  The winner ended up being someone on my mom’s FB page who guessed “Beer retriever”, which is probably right.  Thank you so much for everyone who guessed.  Over $100 was raised for Pets Without Parents, and all the animals there thank you from the bottoms of their beer retrieving hearts.


Do you have Instagram?  If so, I must insist you start following Weird Al Yankovich.  I love him.

“I always like to start out my day with a dolphin ride”



Also filed under “Instagram Gems” is the surreal “In_Dubai” account.  As far as I can tell from the man’s pictures, Dubai is 1) a city from the future, only existing in this historical period through a glitch in the spacetime continuum and 2) they really love flagrantly ignoring common sense precautions when dealing with white lions.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

Seems safe.


In these dreary, gut-it-out-till-the-finish days of the school year, posts like this one lift such a weight off my chest I feel that I can take a full breath and make it through to May.

“They are thankful for years of a lively education, for all those days that we ate popcorn for lunch, read Little Women and Little HouseHarry Potter, and The Secret Garden together, discussed The Hunger Games at two in the morning, learned about history, science, and literature from life and marvelous books and experiments in the kitchen and discussions over dinner and museums and walks at the lake. “

On a related note, I’m reading Trumpet of the Swan to the kids right now.  None of us- including me!- have ever heard the story.  Last night, I played this sound clip of actual trumpeter swans.  There we were, seven of us and one lab puppy, sitting on my bed, and when the calls first came through, River’s ears shot straight forward, and she kept tilting her head from side to side, confused and exhilarated by this strange noise that triggered deep longings in her doggy heart.


I think that’s all.  Closing with the standard cop out take- go see Jen for more.



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    I laughed the entire way through this. You should host some kind of blogging challenge where we all have to write about something completely banal….like yellow file folders or something….and then the universe will see that you can make ANYTHING funny.

  2. says

    Thanks for the linkery! And for the reminder of what a lovely read-aloud Trumpet of the Swan is. I had never read it, either, before I read it to Ramona a couple of years ago. Such a great book.

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