Theme Thursday: Word

Still over here with Abbey and her #holylens project.  This week’s prompt is Word. EDIT:  Just kidding!   This week’s theme is “Hear”.  So….yeah.

Have you ever read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell?  I love that book so much.  It’s a story of English magicians, set in an alternate 19th century where magicians are real, and the true king of England, The Raven King, continues to communicate through signs in nature, like the flight of birds in the sky.

That notion, that one being can communicate with another via the natural world is one I hold close to my heart.  You’ve probably already seen it, but this clip kills me every time.  A musician was reading his local newspaper, and came across a picture of birds sitting on a wire.  The arrangement of the birds and wire reminded him of sheet music, so he put the scene to song, and came up with this:

When we lived in Mississippi, there would be immense flocks of blackbirds in the winter.  Truly giant groupings that would take flight together at some mysterious signal and whirl across the sky.  I would look at them, and like that character from Jonathan Strange, I swore that if I just could remember, I’d be able to decipher the writing of those birds.

Maybe that’s why winters up here are so hard for me.  I feel like God speaks to me through nature, and here in New England, I try to spend as much winter as possible huddled up in my house.  So much silence for so long.  Then, without me even realizing it, God presents a conversation opener too gorgeous to ignore.

wordA small, green word, humbly pushing up toward a warmth too subtle for me to feel yet.  But it’s there, and it sounds a lot like hope.



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    Sorry, I thought this week was “hear” so I guess you can extend mine to “hearing the word”??? Oh well, how encouraging to see something green!

  2. says

    Ha! My ‘hear’ also focuses on ‘words’. I had no idea. :-)

    Love the sight of daffodils or other bulbs poking up through the ground. So very cool.


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