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Oy (which is not to be confused with “oi”, because they are totally different words, designed to express totally different things), I’m in the midst of some duummmmmmb stuff at home right now.  I will spare you the details, but it involves the only working car in our possession to be rendered undrivable due to a registration technicality, a stomach virus/flu combo running through the house, and our lab River being mysteriously, and gravely ill.

Obviously somebody Up There decided that Clan Donaldson had leveled up on Lent.

So, instead of annoying you with details, I thought I’d give you some pretty things to click at, until such time as we’re not a land of illness and illegal activities:

Have you seen Allison’s mother’s bracelets?   My friend Mary Kate ordered one, and I immediately had to grab myself a piece of that bandwagon.   Allison is either the sweetest person on the planet, or the savviest businesswoman, because her customer service is flawless.  Have children named after unusual saints?  She will tirelessly hunt down a medal, and if that proves unsuccessful, will work with you to find an acceptable one.

Do you have Amazon Prime?  Did you use to watch Veronica Mars?  Then you will enjoy the movie.  That’s not even a suggestion; it’s total certainty.  We rented it on Friday night, and it was pitch-perfect.

Lotus has been doing more and more cooking around here.  Her current favorite thing to make for breakfast is this Strawberry Jam quick bread.  Oh my gosh, y’all.  It is so good I have to literally remove myself from the room until it’s all eaten, otherwise I’d be elbowing tiny people out of the way so I could stuff the whole loaf in my face.

All ladies who will be pregnant in October (no, Jessica, Dwija, and Colleen, it will not be you, no matter how you’re convinced otherwise right now) here’s your Halloween costume:

wrecking ball


I used to know a person who spent a good portion of his early working life perfecting printset skills.   Laborious, manual, printing skills.  Then computers took over the whole world, and hand-set printing skills were no longer needed.  Here’s a list of 11 Other Jobs That No Longer Exist (though anyone who’s ever had to rouse a surly teenager knows that job no. 2 on the list still very much still lives on).

We’re big amateur astronomers around here, and nothing helps smack the idea of a domesticated God out of my head faster than contemplating the universe.  If you ever suspect that you’ve let your understanding of God  slip into something too small, watch something about astronomy (and if you ever want to hear scientists sound like religious mystics, listen to them try and talk about dark matter):


Ok, the sounds of illness stirs in the rooms above my head.  Have fun clicking through while I drop a bleach bomb over here.


  1. says

    Watched it. Loved it. Can’t wait to watch it again. The only issue I had with VM the Movie was that the whole time she was running and fighting, I was so worried. Because BABY!!! I know they tried to cover up her post baby body but I knew there was a baby on-set somewhere and the mama in me was worried. Yeah… that never happened while watching the TV show.

  2. Camille says

    Is it me or should #11 (Lector at factories) be brought back too? I think working a repetitive job would be way better if you could be listening to a great book!

  3. says

    I have a milkman and I’ve been a switchboard operator. If you call the University of Dallas main number, some poor kid on workstudy answers the phone and connects you to the department you need. It’s a great job for studying, but you might get scheduled til 2am on a Friday or Saturday, or start at 8am on Saturday or Sunday. Rough on the social scene.
    I did not know the VM movie was out!!!

  4. says

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