WWRW: Getting Crafty

Since tomorrow’s Theme Thursday topic is “Craft”, I thought I’d get a little warmup in with this week’s What We’re Reading post.

Ever since seeing someone in my Instagram feed showing off her embroidery, I wanted to try.  I wish I could remember who it was.  There was this amazing reindeer picture I particularly loved- maybe Rudolph? All cute and stylized?  Oh man.  If you’re reading this, Embroidering Instagrammer, please stand up.  That piece was so cute it convinced me that embroidery may not be something limited to Amish housewives and shockingly oppressed royals in fantasy novels.

But since I know exactly zero about embroidery except some vague memory of my mom teaching me how to do French knots…?, I went to the magical land of Amazon, where all knowledge dwells, and bought this book:


Now, since I’m realizing there’s a huge difference between the ability to gather knowledge and the wisdom of experience, I needed a book that would assume I was a total moron without making me feel like one.  This book seems to be it.  There is a detailed stitch library at the beginning with directions so clear that if I can’t get it after looking, then it’s nobody’s fault but mine.

The second section is a project gallery.  Did you know you could embroider Converse sneakers?  Probably you did.  I didn’t.  Can you imagine how happy Lotus would be if I embroidered her a pair white Converse with TARDISes?  She wold be the happiest little nerd in Our Lady’s First School for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t actually picked up a needle and attempted any of these stitches yet, but that’s because the annual Donaldson Women’s Quilt of the Year isn’t quite finished.  But I have hope- oh I have such hopes.

Go join J to the essi for more good reads.


  1. Carolyn says

    I saw that book somewhere in my Facebook feed, I think. I was totally intrigued, but I suppose not intrigued enough to buy it (mostly because it wasn’t clear to me how long it takes to do accomplish a bit of embroidery). Can’t wait to see what you do with it – if you post an update, can you update us on the time investment too?

  2. says

    Gianna received that book for her birthday and we LOVE it. In fact, maybe it was my Instagram you’re remembering? I posted a photo her first project: a unicorn. She also decorated a reusable grocery bag using the font/script and gave it away as a Christmas present. I’m telling you the possibilities are endless. Have you delved into the CD yet? I could stare at those designs all day. I have big plans to make something of my own… And now I’ve given away my TT topic.

  3. says

    I am resisting clicking over to Jenna because I will see something I like and then want to make it. And I would be terrible at embroidery I think. Or maybe not?! All I know is that I am going to take at least a week after tomorrow’s posts before I run out to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or the fabric store to start one of the projects someone will surely have a picture of and I will want try my hand at. (This is all wishful thinking because now I am searching for embroidery things and who knows where that will lead?!)

  4. Judy says

    Yea!!! I love new projects…you learn and then you can teach me how to make the back look as neat as the front…xoxoxo


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