Theme Thursday

Hey there party people.  Don’t forget that playing along with Theme Thursday this week, either on your blog or on Instagram (#ThemeThursday) counts as an entry into the blog’s Six Year Anniversary giveaway.

This week, as an homage to all of us who’ve survived Polar Vortex 2014, the theme is “Bare”.  Or “Bear”, depending on how far north you live, I guess.  I’m super excited for my contribution this time, since it’s the first Theme Thursday in a long while where I had inspiration strike, had a specific shot in mind, and then set out to make it as technically perfect as I could.

There’s lots to be said for candid shots, but sometimes it’s nice to try for structure too.


f/8, 1/4 s, ISO 200, 18-55@44 mm, shot in RAW and minimally processed with PSE


There’s little Jude (who really was clothed, I promise.  It’s too cold for naked around here), with Lotus’ beloved teddy bear.  Ken bought her that bear before she was even born, and it’s been her faithful companion every night since.  I think the scapular is an extra interesting touch (it’s not a blessed object or anything.  She got it when she was little and tied it on so tightly to the bear we can’t easily get it off.  So there it stays).

Your turn.  Bare your shots!  Heh.




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    Love the photo!! I haven’t done a structured photo in a while. I’ve taken a bunch of intentional landscape and other photos, along with candids. Thanks for the inspiration to plan something out a bit more directly! :-)

  2. says

    Gah. One day I will take a perfect picture. Alas today is not the day. But that’s what this linkup is good for. Getting me out of my auto-focus shell and taking the pictures.

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      I love the simplicity of the picture- very nice! That bear looks so very loved! He reminds me of my sister’s blanket- the most beautiful things are often worn, threadbare, and disheveled!

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    Love everything about this shot! Especially that sweet bear with the scapular! Beautiful! And so many congrats on six years! I’m grateful for your blog and all you have done/continue to do!


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