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Lisa, author of All Things Gale, is this month’s Featured Blog, and I’m very relieved she named her blog something with an “A” so I could feature it early on.  Seriously guys, if you’re not reading her, you have to.  And here’s why, in 7 Takes.


You know how sometimes there are blogs you feel like you needed to start reading from the beginning?  Like the blogger references lots of people (either by real name or pseudonym), or a long, ongoing event, or some other thing and you, a casual reader, are either left to practice heavy context sleuthing, of fall into a pit on the Dark Playground and spend all day reading the blog archives?

Lisa’s blog is not like that.  She has such a joyful, gracious spirit that immediately makes the reader feel like they’ve been reading her forever.


lisa and cari

Colleen found this picture! Lisa and I, at Faith and Family’s “Mom’s Day Out”, which they held once and NEED TO HOLD AGAIN!

I’ve met Lisa in real life exactly once, and I can tell you that the five hours I spent with her convinced me  that the family* you see in her pictures and the woman who writes about them is as completely authentic as you get.  You want to see how being yourself in writing will win hearts for God?  Go check out this post, and pay attention to the family’s toast to Lisa’s mom- a picture that got a snort of laughter from me and unexpectedly made me teary.

*I’ve never actually met Lisa’s family, but I feel like I have, through her blog


You want to maybe dip a toe in the whole “natural lifestyle” thing, but you’re scared that some dirty hippy with dreadlocks that reek of patchouli and pot is going to kidnap you, force you onto a commune and make you eat nothing but kale chips and hemp smoothies for the rest of your life?  Then follow Lisa.  Behind this:


Nary a dreadlock to be seen

lies a woman who sews reusable grocery bags for you at the local farmer’s market, renders her own lard, and makes her own deodorant using, like, mud and berries or something.


Even if it doesn’t work, Carmen, whoever she is, probably smells delicious



Lisa has ridiculously gorgeous babies, and is never ever stingy about sharing them with her readers.  I dare you to look at pictures of the Gale children and not want more babies of your own.  You can’t do it.  It’s impossible.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly baby feverish, I have to avoid her blog.  Or go there more frequently.  I’m not sure which.  And this whole take is starting to sound juuuuuust this side of creepy.


I haven’t run any of these takes by Lisa, and I’m not sure how often she reads me, so won’t this be a fun surprise for her, to come and see her picture all over someone else’s blog?  Most of you would be doing just what I’m doing at that thought, literally recoiling in horror. But I’m pretty sure Lisa will think this is funny.  And if she doesn’t, well, she’s in Texas, it’s not like she’s going to beat down my door, smear me with hippy pit paste and make me eat kale and hemp.



There is even more Gale to love!  Lisa and Jason are expecting their fourth baby this June.  Do you know how many blog babies are coming this June?  I’m going to be sniffing the monitor, hoping to catch a whiff of newborn smell all month.  Not weird at all.


Lisa doesn’t blog nearly as often as I’d like (um, hello Lisa?  You need to re-examine your priorities, please.  I need more posts, your kids understand), so maybe if we all go over there during this month and convince her that pregnancy is a great time to reignite your blogging flame, I’m sure she’d appreciate the badgering.

Go see Lisa and Jen for more and more and more.



  1. says

    Maybe this lovely review will MAKE LISA BLOG MORE!!!! Hehehe, I just can’t get enough.

    Oh and I have a great picture of the two of you the first time you met. I’m gonna email it to you so you can add it here. I mean, if you want, I’m not your blog editor or anything.

  2. says

    I DID laugh the whole way through!!! It is awesome to see my life summed up in 7qt. You are dead on. I just pulled out homemade sourdough breadcrumbs from the oven and smeared my face in all-natural moisturizing oil. Thank you for the blog love. I often dream up good blogposts but seem to have a hard time getting them actually on the physical computer. Turns out all these kids I had are more work than I thought ;)

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  3. says

    You are hilarious Cari- and thank the good Lord for more hilarious, natural non dread havin’ mamas out there. Lisa- you’re on my list finally! Happy freezing Friday y’all!

  4. Stacy H says

    buahhhahha! What an awesome post! Lisa is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world! I am so thrilled there are people out there as obsessed with her as I am! But in all seriousness, Thank you, Lisa for sharing your beautiful and honest life with us! And thank you, Cari for featuring her :)

  5. says

    I’ve been reading Lisa’s blog for, like, ever, and came over from her link to see who the cool person is who featured her :) All those things you said — so true. Never met her but she’s seriously the coolest.

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