Theme Thursday: Boys

This is not the picture I envisioned.  The picture in my head will have to be stored away for some future round of Theme Thursday, because I have to post this.

On Tuesday, The Jude came up to me very seriously.
“Mama?  I need you to tape this to my church shirt,” he said as he handed me one of the flowers from our saucer magnolia in the front yard.  “And I need my tie.  Then I need you to take a picture of me and Gabriel.  Over here.  On these stools.”

There is nothing better than being bossed around by a four year old with an artistic vision.

All I had to do was meter the light, focus, and shoot these two knuckleheads interacting.  I took about ten pictures, then The Jude told me that was enough, and he’d like to see the results.  As he sat in my lap, very seriously studying the outcome, he finally pointed at one picture.

“This one.  That’s the best one.”

So I submit for this Thursday’s Theme pleasure, The Jude’s choice:

I also edited it in black & white, which I prefer, but The Jude was adamant.  “No.  The color one!”
(but he doesn’t read my blog, so he’ll never know that I slipped my version in here as well)

I can’t wait to see your pictures of your boys.


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    My boys are all “big”. Almost 10 and up!
    I miss seeing them flying around in super hero capes.
    Action figures all over.
    I have different boys stuff going on…but there is nothing like that
    little boy stage.

    The flower on the tie..the tattoo..those boys are adorable.

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    I’m going to just reiterate what everyone has already said! Brilliant! :-) I love his vision. That is so awesome. I kinda like the color one…something about the blue contrasting the red. Hhmm, you know, I normally don’t like those black & white shots where something stays colored, but I think this one might work. Keep the boys colored and make the background B&W.

    Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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    This is only my second time joining this link-up, and I think I misunderstood it. Is it mostly about pictures? If so, sorry I went on and on in my post! Next time: more pictures, less words!

    I love your picture: one in a shirt and tie, one bare-chested. Classic.

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      Laura, there are never ever any rules for Theme Thursday! Feel free to write as little or as much as you want on the post. It’s your blog and you do what you like, right?

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    BOYS ARE AWESOME!!! I love your pic!! Thank you for hosting today, the topic is near and dear to my heart since I am blessed to have 5 amazing boys!!

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    I LOVE those photos! Jude is one impressive, artistic little boy! I love the way he is posing with Gabriel, who is wearing a swimsuit. Such art and vision in such a little guy!

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    This is an amazing photo even WITHOUT the backstory. I just love it! And I think I’m with The Jude – the color version is my preference.

    I’m so happy looking that this photo that I don’t even feel all that much despair when I consider how clean your house is.

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    I love your boys…both their expressions…such a fun picture to look back on one day when they are in like college!!

    I love the tatoo too.

    I tried to mess with my pics….I’m not that good at it!

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    Loving the tat! That boy wears ink well! I prefer the black and white, also but that kid has en eye for an impressively masculine pic!!! Love it and the story behind it!

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