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Today at the Exchange I’m talking about the Virtual 5K coming up in a month and a half.  But since WordPress, the blog platform the Catholic Exchange uses for its publication, is a complete jerkburger, I can’t do proper linkups over there.

(Australia gets its own graphic because they’re total badasses who can kill things with boomerangs.  Can you even throw a boomerang? Me neither.)

So just to make things extra clicky clicky, I thought I’d post the article over there, but host the linkup over here, so it can be done right. (confused yet?)

Click over there, read the article, then come over here to post your own link.  Your post doesn’t have to be about your training efforts.  It doesn’t have to be about running or stupid Shred or any specific workout at all.  It could just be about exercise in general.  Why do you do it?  Why don’t you do it?  Why do we have to do it at all, and won’t it be awesome when we have our glorified bodies that don’t require so much upkeep?

Anyway, feel free to link away!

(at Micaela’s urging, a Cafe Press shop was set up for those of you who want a real race shirt that you don’t have to make yourself.  All International Editions are up to date.)


  1. says

    Only for all the boomerang training I fit in between a husband,kids,homeschooling,housework and running a Sumo Suit partyhire business have I built up the upper body strength to push my four seater pram that holds at least 100kg of children !

  2. Carrie Wyer says

    My youngest daughter has been asking me if we can do a 5k together. A friend of hers has done a few 5k runs with her mom(show offs) so this will be perfect for our first 5k. I don’t even run when being chased so this should be interesting. Does it still count as baby weight 10yrs. later or do I have to call it something else?
    Happy Running everyone!!

  3. says

    Insanity 5 days a week, walk the dogs 1-2 times a day 7 days a week. I do it because I have 2 kids but don’t want to look as if I have carried two kids. Also I do it to stay healthy. Americans want a magic pill for everything and to sit on their butts, eat fast food and watch TV while taking it. Unfortunately that doesn’t lend itself to the most attractive or healthy consequences. I get up, get the preschooler dressed, do the workout with pauses to care for the nursing 6 month old, and on with my day. Not glam but it works.

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