Welcome, Veronica Rosemary (short edition)

Though I tried my best to flood all the social medias on Monday with play-by-play action of the labor and delivery (details forthcoming juuuuuust in case I missed any), it seems some heroic souls either have resisted Facebook and the Twitter (I’m looking at you, Martin), or somehow find fulfillment in a life that does not involve listening to me blab every place I can on the Interwebz (shocking).

So for you holy souls, Veronica Rosemary was born on Monday, May 7, at 4:20 p.m.  She was 7 lbs., 11 oz., has a full head of hair, and was carried out of me on a flood of prayers from all over the world, for which my family and I thank you very very much.

pissed off at the injustice of the whole birthing process

still pissed

tuckered out

Within a day or so, I’ll post her birth story, but right now I’m going to eat bagels and stare at our first girl in seven million years.


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    She is AWESOME!!!!! I am so happy you had a girl, and I love her name. I can’t wait to hear all about the birth – she was tiny (well, for being one of your babies!)! I love her already :)

    Side note, my friend gave birth the day after you. To a girl. Named Veronica Margaret! Two beautiful Veronica’s!! And my Maggie is Margaret Rosemary, so we love the name choices :)

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    She was born on my birthday! It’s a cool birthday to have. I’ve always loved it. Congratulations! She’s beautiful and I LOVE her name.

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    She is gorgeous. I love her angry face. And her sweet sleepy face. Now my kids and I will spend the next hour or so “Aweing” over the pics of your precious new lil one. :)

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    Congratulations!!! I’ve been wondering! I tried to find you on FB but couldn’t get you to come up! Prayers for a happy baby moon (I’m sure you love that phrase 😉 and some rest. So happy for you…she’s beautiful!

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    How beautiful.

    We were going to name this one Veronica. I decided during Lent then 2 weeks after Easter I started looking again now I have no idea again with 2 weeks to go.

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    She is so gorgeous!! I’m so happy for you and your family. And I adore her name (I’ve been lobbying to use Rosemary for years).

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    so glad i waited to buy baby numero 6 an outfit so I could hook u up with some PINK! congratulations, Cari. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! (just like her mamma)

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    Congratulations on your beautiful new baby girl! Wishing you lots of time to rest (hahahahahaha. ha.) and plenty of bagels. God bless. :)

    (ps: found you from Colleen’s place)

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    She is gorgeous. Sorry I missed the “play by play” so looking forward to the long version of the birth story.

    How did her name get chosen? How did she end up Rosemary vs Rose ??

    Inquiring minds want to know <3

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    Just starting to catch up after being away and was excited to see you’re no longer pregnant! And you had a sweet little girl! Congratulations! Veronica is as beautiful as her name. Looking forward to the long version, since I missed the real time updates. :)

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