Veronica’s Birth Story

Almost a week to the moment!

The due date came and went.

My parents made the 14 hour trip from Tennessee to Connecticut to come help with a baby who, despite such drastic measures as a 4 mile hike up and back down a mountain and ingestion of copious amounts of Indian food, refused to show up.  I agreed to have my membranes stripped, which the doctor couldn’t even do since the baby was still so high up in my abdominal cavity.  A week passed.  My parents left.  I wept and fasted, wept and prayed.  Still no baby.


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    I have now read every word of every one of your birth stories, and I loved them. There were many times that I completely related, having the same experiences, and others where I just read with my mouth open in wonderment.
    I enjoy the way you write and look forward to reading more, non-birth-related posts.

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