Veronica’s Baptism

The afternoon sun streams gently through the stained glass windows, leaving puddles of jewel-toned light here and there among the pews.  The smell of incense lingers in the air from Mass, and all the members of the family pause and inhale it deeply as they quietly and reverently enter the Sanctuary.  Older children help little children dip their fingers in the holy water fonts, signs of the cross are devoutly made, and the crowd of loved ones spends a few moments in silent prayer, kneeling before the Tabernacle, waiting for the baptism to begin.
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    Thanks for sharing the beauty of the sacrament, even amid the chaos. I enjoyed a huge laugh while reading. What a beautiful day to celebrate with Miss Veronica–welcome to the Catholic Church!

    p.s. Cute new header Cari!

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    I love Veronica’s expression in that picture- like she’s wondering what she ever did to you to make you tell the world she filled her diaper during her baptism. :)

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