Anybody Know How to Fix This?

Earlier today, I got an email from

Ken did a quick internet search about the company, and found several complaints about it, one in particular saying that this “Websponsors” company contacted the blog owner, and when the blogger tried to accept the offer, he was rejected and told that his blog had too much “adult content”.

Only thing is, the blogger claimed that his blog didn’t have ANY adult content.

I didn’t think about it any farther, just hit “spam” and went on my merry way.

A few minutes ago, Ken called and told me that my blog, which he’s been able to access from work every single day for the past three years, suddenly resulted in this firewall message:

Note the reason for the sudden denial of access: “web category ‘Porn'”.
Earlier today he could access it, then after I received this email from Jake, my blog is suddenly tagged as pornographic by firewall software.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?  Or any idea what happened?  Honestly, I’m getting more and more angry as I write this- how many other people are trying to access the blog and being told that it’s a porn site?

Anyway, if any of you have any advice, or know anyone who can help solve this, I promise I can make it worth your time.
In a non-pornographic way, of course.


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    I was told that my old work computer was infested with some sort of downloaded porn once, and it turned out to be Malware. I had to contact our service provider, they took remote control of the machine for a few hours and cleared the whole thing up. Cost was nothing. I’d give that a shot.

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    It may be a problem with his firewall at work. I am accessing your blog from work right not and our firewall is pretty aggressive about not allowing ads or questionable content. I don’t think the problem originates with your PC or site.

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    Your blog shouldn’t have an issue because it’s hosted by Google. (And I just did a free scan at and it comes up as clean.) I would second the idea that it’s malware. I see that you have a Yahoo email address – your Yahoo account may have been compromised, which happened to me a few weeks ago. Not sure what else to suggest.

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    I would think that as long as you did not click any links in the email or open any attachments, it’s probably just coincidence that you received the email the same day. In a quick search, I found this entry that may be helpful Based on what I read there, it might be helpful also do know the tool your husband’s company is using. It probably wouldn’t hurt for him to follow up at work and contact his help desk or IT group in any case. Not only do you want to know why your blog is being flagged, you also don’t want your husband’s PC to be flagged as trying to look at porn. :)

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