7 Quick Takes Friday: CURSE YOU, BLOGGER!

BLOGGER CHANGED ITS LAYOUT AND NOW I’M ALL FREAKING OUT.  Seriously.  Have any of you other blogger users “upgraded” to the “new format” (read: totally MESSED UP your blog)?

Have I ever mentioned that I’m really bad at technological changes?  You should see me try and work the remote to our Apple TV.  Seriously, it’s so pathetic, it sends Ken into immediate fits.

Ken let me take some pictures of the crib.  If I can figure out how to upload one of them, I’ll post it here.  CURSE YOU, BLOGGER!

Yesterday, Colleen and her family came to visit. (If I can figure out how to link to her blog, I will.  CURSE YOU, BLOGGER!)  I love Colleen and her family.  We have matching vans.  And matching family stickers.  Only her family sticker looks like the husband is trying to stab the wife in the head (she says it’s supposed to be a frisbee).
Colleen made me swear that any pictures of her would have to have Jennifer Aniston’s face Photoshopped in.  And while personally I’d pick Angelina Jolie over Aniston any day of the week, I’m very sensitive to people’s photographic requests, and I will always honor them:

(I still think Jolie would have been a better choice)
When the pizza guy came to deliver lunch, he took one look at all the kids playing in the yard and asked Phil, Colleen’s husband, “Are you having a birthday party or something?”  To which Phil said, “Nope.  Just two families getting together.”

Two families, 11 kids.  Toooooootally normal around here.

My cousin Erinn (each of those links took me 10 minutes to find, because Blogger won’t let me search by tags anymore.  CURSE YOU BLOGGER!!!!) is coming tomorrow.  I will do everything in my power to go into labor while she’s here.  Because that would mean she’d have to watch five children-solo- while Ken and I were at the hospital.  And things like that are funny to me.
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If you have a smartphone, I urge you again in the strongest possible terms to consider following me on Instagram.  Other than a desperate need for attention, why?  Because after a late night (“late night” for me, which translates to 7:00 p.m. EST for the rest of the world) Twitter convo between three bloggers who will remain unlinked and unnamed (CURSE YOU, BLOGGER!) I realized I had to carefully decide which social media outlet would be used to live broadcast the birth.  Finally, Instagram was chosen.  The results will look a lot like this:

To which my mom commented “Ugh”.
Too much?  Too edgy?  It’s too edgy, isn’t it?

So there you go.  Visit Jen for less edgy Quick Takes.


  1. says

    Oh my gosh. The “update” made me want to tear my face off! It took me seriously an hour to do my post for today because I can’t find the dagblam buttons I need….and the post is still so lame because I could figure out what the aych e double hockey sticks is going on. Maddening!

    Tommy was skeeved out at your sample live instagram birth, p.s. Which means: You should totally go for it!

  2. says

    I haven’t posted with the new Blogger, but now you’ve got me so afraid!! Yikes. I DO NOT like change and I esp. do not like when it happens in Blogger. Blogging is my outlet and fun, so if it’s gonna mess with me I’m gonna be very upset. ugh.
    OH Colleen, she doesn’t need any Jen or Angelina she’s so darn cute…of course, so are you, Cari. But, I did get a good chuckle out of it. Loved the photo of all the kiddos-sweet!

    No clue what Instagram is. Am I missing something revolutionary? Where have I been?!

  3. says

    1. I finally get motivated to charge my laptop and write a new blogpost and GUESS WHAT?! You’re right. New Blogger is ruining my life.
    2. That is a fancy-schmancy and awesome crib and I am way jealous. You should be proud!
    3. The instabirthagram preview has made me 10000% sure that you need to make that happen. Best idea ever.

  4. says

    Hilarious. Please please post your birth on instagram!

    I think you can revert to the old blogger under the options menu? Upper right corner with the picture of the gear?

    If I’m right, do I win some kind of awesome award? Like, say, a Skype call to watch your birth? Cause I’m all births like that. And I don’t imagine you’ll have anything else to be attending to.

  5. says

    I hope the New Blogger doesn’t totally discourage you because I don’t want you to stop blogging.

    I prefer Jennifer over Angelina any day.

    Will Instagram birth also be on facebook ???

  6. says

    Good news! You CAN change it back! I hated the new setup and eventually found a little button around the top right corner that allowed me to switch back. I can’t remember what it said, but I hope you find it too and end all your blogger woes. I love your 7th take. Hilarious! I would choose Aniston too. =)

  7. says

    I undid my acceptance of new blogger format because it was too stupid and hard to use.. you are not alone in your quest for labor induction or hatred for blogger… and LOVED the birthing instagram pic LOVED.

  8. says

    I prefer Jennifer Aniston to that home wrecker Angelina Jolie any day. If they had been in a huge movie about blood sucking vampires, I would have totally worn a TEAM JENNIFER tee-shirt back in the day.

  9. says

    Anyone willing to take a picture of themselves giving birth to a cabbage patch-esque doll totally gets my follow. 😉

    And for the reasons you listed, I made the switch from blogger to wordpress years ago.

  10. says

    I think you need to amend your statement, you can only do instagram on an Iphone, or that is what I think I figured out when I was trying to figure out instagram a few weekends ago. Then again I am technically challenged and I don’t know what I am doing 90% of the time.. All I know is that I was trying to get Instagram for my droid, but could only find announcements that it was coming soon, with no date. I was quite upset as I loved your post on the Instagram formats, so I wanted it.

  11. says

    And why would you want to Instagram a birth. Good grief – – haven’t there been enough movies and videos of births?? Really, is yours all that different??? I think it is probably not. Some things better left to the imagination. Heck, you even kicked me clean out of the hospital when Joaquin was born!

  12. says

    That picture, the last one, totally what my births looked like. Well, if you added blood and guts and me vomiting, exactly the same.

    PS- your neighborhood is very pretty. Would it be weird if I moved next door? But I only have 4 kids so I wouldn’t fit in, would I? Would I be ostracized?

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