Snapshots from a Sunday: vol. 2

Thanks to everyone who participated in the second Snapshots.  Again, I’m so grateful for the glimpse everyone’s given into their lives.  While I’ve yet to convince the men that they can play, too, I do know that the women who’ve submitted pictures cover a wide spectrum of political, religious, educational and economic experiences.  All these amazing, unique people, and every one of the pictures helps provide an anchor point for us to use as common ground.

We really are more similar than different, and every life is a unique, never again seen gift.

Candice @ Candy Apple Smiles
4:51 a.m., Lawson House
My little “work” area calls, but the bed is louder.

When:  5:47 a.m., 
Where:  The Richards Household, South Lyon, Michigan- My hopelessly dreary basement
What: Ironing Napkins
Why: I believe they were multiplying like the Adipose when I wasn’t looking.

Mary Kate @ Why Yes, I AM Crazy, Thank You For Asking
Between 6 and 7 a.m., Chicagoland
On Friday night, my dad sent over a lovely bunch of flowers “just because” (just because he’s an awesome dad!). Because my husband and I were running out to a party for one of his co-workers, I asked our 16-year-old son to put the flowers in a vase with water. Later that evening, after we were back home and everyone was tucked in for the night, I remembered to look for the flowers; they were nowhere to be found, so I thought I’d wait until morning to ask my son where he had stashed them. The next morning, I woke up and immediately paid my visit to our 1st floor bathroom. While I was brushing my teeth, I saw something out of the corner of my eye… just peeking out from beyond the shower curtain…. MY FLOWERS! In water, yes. But, instead of a vase they were in a blue plastic pitcher that was sitting in the the empty bathtub. With 6 (almost 7) kids, I have learned that it’s not worth asking “why” anymore. (And, yes, our 1st floor bathtub desperately needs refinishing. It’s on THE LIST.).

Lotus @ Horses and Whales
7:41 a.m., West Simsbury, CT
God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy

Lisa @ All Things Gale
Between 8 and 9 a.m., Frederick, Maryland
Unresponsive toddler + 3rd trimester mama = improvising

Grace @ Camp Patton
Between 9 and 10 a.m., Camp Patton
Lots of Patterns (tangible and not)
1. gorgeous tapestry chair
2. both sides of nursing cover
3. Julia’s (larger babe) clashing pants and tunic
4. Julia stealing Sebastian’s pacifier and trying to jam into another facial orifice 
5. my perpetual perch….day in, day out

Lisa @ The Education of Mrs. Swanson
Between 10 and 11 a.m., Memphis, Tennessee
The potty training and therefore bare-bottomed Little watches his older brothers playing outside.

Jessica @ There Is A Light That Shines
11:09 a.m., St. Louis
In St. Louis at the moment, hanging out at Camp Patton and learning the ways of motherhood.  Turns out those moms aren’t lying.  It really is hard.

Micaela @ California to Korea
12:30 p.m., Daegu, South Korea
Here Kevin is showing the kids the illustrations from The Story of Dr. Dolittle by Hugh Lofting  (on the iPad).  They just finished it last night. He read a chapter or 2 each night before bed, but didn’t want them getting up to see the pictures all the time, so now he’s making up for it.

Sarah @ With A Hopeful Heart
1:37 p.m., Scene from the Patio
Our first snow came yesterday, leaving us with about four inches.  This is one of my favorite places to take seasonal pictures of my home.

Amy @ So Many Things to Love
Between 2 and 3 p.m., New Brunswick, Canada
What to feed a flu-ridden house on very short notice.

Cari @ Clan Donaldson
3:11 p.m., St. Catherine of Sienna Catholic Church, West Simsbury, CT
We arrive (late) for Joaquin’s First Confession.  Father is giving a talk on the importance of seeking and giving forgiveness while I make myself inconspicuous by taking pictures.

Dwija @ House Unseen
5:26 p.m., Michigan
After being instructed to go into the disgusting disaster of a play room and not come out until it was clean, I found my children doing this.  This obvious act of non-cleaning.  In fact, the mess was getting worse as they careened around in circles.  So I went to bed.

Kerry @ Signing Life
Between 7 and 8 p.m., Long Island, NY
Wearing this jersey and preparing for the NY Giants game at my boyfriend’s house

For those of you who remember the last volume of Snapshots, Grace from Camp Patton welcomed her beautiful son Sebastian less than a week after providing us with that shot of the most glamorous pregnant woman ever.  Welcome, Sebastian!  We’ll have you and your adorable sister blogging in no time.  And thank you to everyone who participated and visited.

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    One of my guys got back to me this morning, completely apologetic.

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