Meanwhile, In the Garage

And the number one reason why I haven’t posted the Thanksgiving blog:

This has been going on in my garage for the better part of the weekend-

That’s my tiny little child, using power tools.  Power Tools.
For those of you who look at the above picture, and see only a tender moment between father and son, please go ahead and review the Great Finger Lop of 2011.

and here

See?  See why I’ve been hovering around the garage like some mother hen, trying to shove all my chicks under my wings and for God’s sake, away from the power tools, don’t you know what your father did to himself with those things?

As soon as those fool men are done trying to make my life miserable by slicing off digits, I’ll be able to post a proper blog.  Until then, I’ll be mapping out the quickest routes to the hospital.


  1. says

    wow i am impressed with how well you handled that accident. i think i would have fainted at the first sight of blood. which is why reed is going to be the nurse, not i.

  2. says

    The Father learned a great lesson earlier in the year and will not let his child be hurt.

    Have faith Mother Hen.

    You know you are in love with the projects that come out of that garage <3

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