School Room Reclamation Project: Days Something Or Other

I don’t remember what day the flooring took place, but I do know that I behaved in a matter most unbecoming.

I’d scoped out laminate flooring at Lowe’s, and settled on a cherry color (which, being the cheapest one there, drove my decision more than anything else). Ken went to go pick it up, but decided that he liked the customer service at Home Depot better, and decided, unknown to me, to go there instead. My last instructions to him before he left was, “Whatever you get, don’t pick oak. I hate oak laminate. It looks stupid.”

He came back an hour later with a van load of- guess what- oak laminate.

So I pitched a fit. I was ugly. I behaved in a shameful manner.

Ken ignored me, and began installing the hideous oak laminate anyway. By himself. In 90 degree heat.

I love that man.

He’s installed so many laminate floors that by now he’s a pro.

Plugging away. In 90 degree heat.

And then, something magical happened. I came downstairs to check on the progress of the ugly-oak-laminate-when-I-had-specifically-said-no-oak-laminate, and I began to notice things about it.
Like the fact that there were grooves in the laminate, giving it texture. Like the fact that it felt substantially studier than the cherry I’d picked out. That this combination meant that it would withstand far more Wrecking Crew punishment than my choice would have.
I don’t think my camera picked up the texture in the floor. You know what would have picked up the texture in the floor?
Yeah, that’s right.

And when the floor was all done, I realized that I loved it. I loved the color of the oak. I loved how it kept the room light and airy. I loved how it worked with the free cabinet. I loved how it played off the paint and the couch.
I hated that Ken was right, though.

Anyway, enough blabbering on. Here’s the pictures you’re really waiting for:

Desks, couch, and bookcases.

I love it I love it I love it!

Here is the gorgeous free cabinet that Ken fixed. It was the perfect place to store my absurd amounts of art supplies.

See? Every bit of craft material, neatly stored away!

I love my bookshelves. Ken questioned the addition of the doors, thinking they were “stupid”, but in this case, I was right. Schoolbooks, no matter how well organized, always look messy.


I have so much space! I still have an entire bookshelf that is mostly unused! I may be able to store all our curriculum for the next five years!

My desk.

The kids’ desks.

The preschool area.

It is fantastic. It is 400 square feet of my dream schoolroom.

Now if it could just teach long division…..


  1. says

    I loved to “play school” as a child but your are taking it to the highest level of play!!

    Looks fantastic. Are those cup holders or ink wells in the kids’ desks? lol

    Where’s the necessary black board?? or is it a White Erase board these days?

  2. says

    Amazing! Love the blue, love the couch! Yes, I too am looking for the white-board. Necessary for my girls to work out that nasty long division on! (just a suggestion..) Have you christened it, “Mary’s school” yet, in light of the color choice?

  3. says

    Ken is going to put up a chalk board and/or white board this weekend. It’ll go on the wall behind my desk.

    As for naming the school- last time I asked Lotus what she wanted to name our school, she said “Our Lady’s First School for Children Who Love Dinosaurs”.

    I think I’ll ask Joaquin’s input this year.

    As for the kids’ desks- yes, they’re from IKEA, and those holes are neither cup holders nor ink wells (*grin*) but rather a place to feed computer cables up through.

    I find it supremely ironic that the majority of my homeschool furnishings came from a company based in a country that recently criminalized homeschooling.

  4. says

    Cari it looks GREAT!! Are you going to add more desks for the other kiddos? They are a little young now but they will need desks too.LOL!! You guys have done a wonderful job with all of your remodeling I am kinda jealous, could I send Domenic and Avery to your school too? You seem extremely organized I think we need to see you in action and have Ken take pics of you in action, tell him he could use your new camera if he would just go get you one.LOL

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