Texas Post, Pt. II

Seaworld.  Or, as Joaquin calls it, “Waterland”:

We didn’t tell the kids where we were going beforehand.  Here’s Lotus’ blissful reaction when she realizes why we just spent two hours in the car (a mere two days after spending 11 hours in the car):

I’m not sure, but I think she was pleased.

Grandpa Ken, regular Ken, Joaquin, Lotus, Mimi, Gabriel and Papa outside SeaWorld.

Joaquin’s first roller coaster ride.  It was the only ride he was big enough to go on, and boy did he love it.

Waiting to see Daddy on the Great White roller coaster.  We never did.

The dolphin tank.  For five bucks, you could feed them.  This prospect horrifies me.  Luckily, Ken and Lotus did it when I wasn’t around to freak out.  Seriously, who lets a child feed a wild animal?

I didn’t even bother getting pictures from the Shamu show, since Lotus insisted on sitting in the “splash zone”.  We did, indeed, get splashed.  When a GIANT ORCA (those things are FREAKING HUGE!) pummeled us with water.  Joaquin cried at that point (I don’t blame him).  Lotus didn’t care.  She stood the entire show, too excited to sit, waving her arms around in some vague conductor-esque motions, I think trying to direct the orcas from her seat.  She would have jumped into that tank if we’d have taken our eyes off her for a moment.


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    I fed the dolphins in San Diego…I am one of the stupid ones who are dying to feed the dolphins!!! Hey, they might be SO grateful to me for feeding them, that we have some human to creature moment of bonding! Right there at Sea World!!!

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