Nailed It.

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Every.  Single.  Year. “Please look at the camera.  The camera.  It’s the piece of machinery in front of you.  Look at it.  That means keep your eyes open.  Open.  As in, ‘not closed’.  Would it kill you to smile?  Smile.  SMILE, not grimace.  You know what?  Don’t smile, it’s scaring me.  Don’t touch your sister. […]

The Walking Dead: Always Accountable

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I posted this on Facebook last night after seeing this week’s episode, and it pretty much could stand as my recap: I mean, it’s hard to say that I disliked this episode, what with my boy featuring so prominently in it: and I can appreciate this season’s utterly deconstructed storytelling, where what we all wrote […]

The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here


Ken said he knew I’d love this one right off the bat, because it was one of those “character study” episodes that always make me all happy.  I, however, went into the show with annoyance.  “Why do they have to bust up the whole Glen thing?” I thought irritably.  “They’re only doing it to milk the […]

The Walking Dead: Thank You


IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS EPISODE YET, AND DON’T WANT SPOILERS, CLICK AWAY NOW. For real.  Go watch first. This recap is no joke. If you’ve already seen it, and/or just like to read the recaps without watching the gore, proceed. ___________________ Oh shit, y’all. That’s all I could say at the end of […]

Not Gone, Just Different (Theme Thursday)

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Micaela over at California to Korea has graciously offered to resurrect Theme Thursday, thus breathing life and style into it.  This week is sun flare, which is one of my absolute favorites.  The light here at the homestead is deliriously beautiful: Every day I walk out my back door and am once again hit with […]

The Walking Dead: First Time Again


So, to any readers left over here in the land of crickets, it should come as little surprise that I’m slowly phasing this blog out and gently pushing her into the land of retirement.  Our work at the homestead site and the podcast has eaten up the time allotted for blogging, and these new projects are […]

Fear the Walking Dead: Cobalt


One of the intellectual legacies I always admired in Catholicism was its willingness to mine for big-T-Truth in the pagan cultures it ran across.  Instead of throwing the heathen baby out with the heathen bathwater, missionaries of the Faith would sift through, looking for where the culture in question already had intersections with God.  Those existing […]

Winner of Life Is Precious

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And the winner of the copy of “Life Is Precious” is Deb! Deb, check your inbox in the next couple minutes (or, knowing how things roll around here, HOURS), and I’ll send you an email with details. If you didn’t win, but want to get a copy of “Life Is Precious”, visit the American Life […]

Fear the Walking Dead: “The Dog”

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After last episode’s mostly glowing review of FTWD, I was mostly expecting this episode to nosedive and erupt into fiery wreckage.  Shockingly, I was wrong, and I’m confidentish that after a dismal pilot, FTWD is settling into a nice stride.  Equal parts poignant, thought-provoking, and scary, “The Dog” had a little bit of everything that makes […]

Life Is Precious


The older I get (ha!  We all know I don’t get older.  I stay 32- or 37, depending on how I’m feeling- forever), the more I realize that the only way to combat the evil in the world is by being vigilant in recognizing and celebrating and savoring the true, the beautiful, and the good.  Not […]