June Garden Tour Linkup

june garden tour

YOU GUYS, WE KICKED JUNE’S GARDENY BUTT! When last we toured the gardens, it was almost exactly one month ago.  Not too much had been done in terms of aesthetics, because we were so busy moving in and hacking down 20 years of overgrowth and neglect. Oh yeah, and we were in the middle of […]

Assaulted by Angels


Happy feast of Sts. Peter and Paul! In today’s Scripture reading, it says that Peter, while in jail, was visited by an angel of the Lord who rescued him. But, before actually removing the chains, the angel had to wake the sleeping Apostle. He did this by striking Peter on the side. STRIKING HIM ON […]

Why I’m Glad I Don’t Politic


Hi there.  My name is Cari, and I’m a sporadic blogger. I’ve been trying to get better.  It was really my intention to update a couple times a week, to drag you guys along with me on this homesteading adventure.  But you know what they say about God and laughing and plans, right? Right. Anyway, […]

May Garden Tour- Linkup


If we all assume that the first two weeks we lived here (which was the last half of April) passed in a spasm of unloading, unpacking, and general chaos that kept us pretty much confined to the interior of the house, then it’s a fair enough statement to say we’ve been making yard improvements for […]

Devotional Suggestions?


I posted this on the blog’s fan page, but I’m posting it here too because Facebook is all full of trickeration when it comes to who can see my posts or not: Since moving, I’ve been getting up early in the morning. Like, earlier than I’ve ever gotten up of my own free will ever. […]

Like I’m Home


For the last month, I’ve noticed a curious “bubble of clean” around the house.  I guess it’s a happy side effect from all the purging we did beforehand, but it seemed like the house never got too messy.  What things needed to be addressed could be addressed in under 10 minutes, and other than daily […]

Quilt of Valor Presentation


So one year and three months ago (more or less), I had one of my many many many many ENFP ideas.  If you know any ENFPs in real life, you will understand this occurrence.  It’s when a new, bright, shiny idea takes hold and the ENFP in question focuses all her attention onto it, while […]

A Story of Prayers and Poop

4 mos

So get comfy and let me tell you one of the stories about our journey to this place.  It’s a good one, and I’ll try my  best to do it justice. Ken and I had dreamed about moving out to a place with land for years.  Back in Mississippi, we had an offer in on […]