Woodsmoke, Beer, and Confession


I knew the sweetest, kindest woman in Memphis who I am positive is a living saint.  Sometimes, when she would mention how badly she needed to get to Confession that week, I could snicker.  Audibly.  Because c’mon.  She’s a square-halo saint.  But then she said something to me once that made me stop snickering. “Oh […]

Board and Batten DIY


Somehow Ken got himself a Pinterest account.  The prospect, just in the abstract, was horrifying enough.  The actuality was even worse.  Because you see, men do not respond to Pinterest the same way women do.  Instead of Pinterest inspiring feelings of envy and worthlessness and abject despair that your house/garden/meals will ever be a fraction […]

First Day of School for OLFSFCWLD

first day

I really feel like Our Lady’s First School for Children (Kids?  I never remember) Who Love Dinosaurs needs a proper crest.  You know, something suitably New Englandy.  Maybe with a T-Rex holding a Rosary and some impressive Latin phrase in a banner on the bottom.  And cherubs that look liked winged stegosaurus holding either end […]

7QT from the Blog that is Awfully Quiet


Should I stop apologizing for not posting more often?  Yes?  No?  Okay to whichever. 1. My birthday was on Tuesday, and so I dragged everyone to my favorite place in all of New England: Watch Hill, RI.  We first stumbled on this gem which is known to everyone in New England except corporate gypsies (like […]

Monday Files


Wow.  Guys, I do not know what my excuse is, but I seem to be on a sudden one post a week stint.  Those of you who like to read more stuff here, I hope that once school has started up and settled down, I’ll get back on more frequent writing. Those of you who […]

Theme Thursday: Google Image Search

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.39.28 PM

Y’all, I’m in the middle of a design project from hell.  Like, never ending, house trashed, wailing and gnashing of teeth type project. I blame Ken.  He saw it on Pinterest, which just proves my point that men should not be allowed Pinterest accounts.  No, I do not care that this is a sexist statement. […]

10 Things I Learned from Better Gardens Than Mine


      You all have been so patient with me this summer, as the blog has been teetering off into a decided “home and garden but mostly garden” bent.  Last winter was so. flipping. brutal. that there were points where I found myself harboring dark suspicions that I’d never see another growing thing again. […]

The Curious Jude


You’ve met The Jude and are familiar with his work, I trust, yes?  While I have to admit that he has, more or less, settled down in the last four years, he’s still happily marching to the beat of his own weird drum.  Which means we’ve traded him yelling “UNCLEAN” in the middle of Mass […]