Theme Thursday: Crack

TT crack

Because I am secretly a 12 year old boy, this week’s topic made me giggle every time I thought about it.  But because I am also a nice, sensible mom, I did not take a shot of the first “crack” that came to mind. You’re welcome. Instead, I’m doing a brag shot of my sourdough […]

Five Favorites- Halloween Edition


I haven’t done this in forever.  But there’s housework and schooling to avoid, so let’s let my monkey take full control for a few minutes, shall we?  Five (pretty much free) Halloween favorites! 1. The Walking Dead While this week’s episode was just “meh”, my cousin’s recap and the always fun Walking Gifs made up […]

Walking Dead Recap: Four Walls and a Roof GUEST POST

Greetings from balmy Buffalo!  (Not a phrase you often hear in late October in Western New York, but it was 72F here today and it’s supposed to snow on Sunday, so I felt it had to be said; it might actually be the last time I get to say anything positive about warmth and WNY […]

Theme Thursday: Good Jorb!

rodanthe rainbow

Soooooo, since it’s been a while since we’ve done Theme Thursday, I thought we could start off easy.  Some picture, at some point, that you did a good jorb on.  One that Coach Z would be proud of: And, since this is Theme Thursday, and the one rule is there are no rules, if you’ve […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Strangers


Hi again!  It’s Tuesday morning, and I’m still on a Walking Dead high.  So let’s get to discussing, shall we? “Strangers”, this week’s episode, both served as a sort of breather after last week’s nail-biter and allowed for some of that character development the writing team did so well last season. The cold open features […]

In Which You, the Good Readers of Clan Donaldson, Boss Me Around


It’s Monday.  Ken’s work schedule changed again- again! I know there’s only so often I can complain about a work schedule that doesn’t remain the same week-to-week, but rarely even stays the same daily, but allow me this one more time, please?  Thanks.  I owe you one- and I just came downstairs to find Rocky […]

Guest Post: Lotus and the Panem Playlist

Panem Playlist

Do you have a child obsessed with The Hunger Games?  Are you, yourself, perhaps suffering from Hunger Games addiction?  Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated to Katniss and Peeta? Lotus does. It took Ken and I a long time to decide it was time for Lotus to read the trilogy.  We needed to make […]

Walking Dead Recap: No Sanctuary


(spoilers!  also, this has taken 4 hours to write, so I’m hitting publish without doing the normal edit job I would.  Please bear with typos and such) Well guys, they warned us.  No matter what else, we can’t say that we weren’t warned.   In the month or so leading up to Sunday’s season opener, […]