Theme Thursday: Bread and Wine

bread and wine

I have lofty dreams of one day being able to attend all my parish’s Triduum services, but as I’ve had little children as long as I’ve been Catholic, that dream has yet to become reality.  Today is not that day, either, so I’ll have to be satisfied with creating a little Holy Thursday vignette on […]

Click, Click, Clicking

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Just in time for your hump day slump, here’s some clickables for you to kill a good 45 minutes with. Let’s start with the tacky self-promotion: At Aleteia this week, I talk about how I’ve missed the ending of Martha (of Mary and Martha fame) for most of my life.  But I finally heard it, […]

Remember When

Veronica yard

I used to post regularly?  Yeah, me too.  I’m going to blame it on Holy Week and promise to do better after Easter.  Until then, here’s a picture of Veronica, who is almost two years old. The thumb sucking/ear pulling combo does me in every time.  Also, the spring t-shirt paired with a winter hat […]

A Day in the Life- With Pictures!


Tracy over at Making the Trek is hosting a “Day in the Life” linkup, where lazy….er…..artistic people like me can show a typical day via more pictures, less talking.  So, I’m sure you’ve got an extra 10 minutes burning a hole in your pocket, so let’s take a glimpse into a day in Clan Donaldson’s […]

Doctor Who Mail Box Design


So…those of you who live in snow country will immediately understand the picture I’m about to show you, and will gasp in empathy: Those of you who have never lived in snow country are probably confused.  ”What is this?” you may ask yourself.  ”What is this hideous pile?  And how did it get here?” Well, […]

5 Favorites and WWRW

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1. I had a copy of Trumpet of the Swan laying around here for a million years.  The other day, in a fit of desperation to find a new book for evening read aloud (with the weather finally turning nice, I just couldn’t bring myself to read the kids any more of The Long Winter), […]

Walking Dead Recap: A

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Ok, let’s all take a moment of silence to reflect on this season and mourn the fact that we’ve got a long six months until the next one starts. Done?  Good. Zomg, y’all.  Zoh.  My.  Gosh. Our cold open has gates, manned by two unfamiliar people, parting to allow a car to come through.  Is […]

Seven Disjointed Quick Takes

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1. These really will be quick, since Gabriel has a speech lesson in just over an hour.  I am amazed how much improvement he’s made in such a short amount of time.  Never underestimate the power of a pretty, soft spoken adult allowing you to play with a whole room of toys. 2. Yesterday, I […]

Theme Thursday: Word


Still over here with Abbey and her #holylens project.  This week’s prompt is Word. EDIT:  Just kidding!   This week’s theme is “Hear”.  So….yeah. Have you ever read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell?  I love that book so much.  It’s a story of English magicians, set in an alternate 19th century where magicians are real, […]