We Are Here! We Are Here! First Floor House Tour

front door

Oh my gosh you all.  We’re here.  We made it.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, who listened to me complain about never getting the house, who helped out with the move.  Thank you thank you thank you. I mentioned before that there are so many amazing stories that happened on this journey, […]

Moving Day(s)

moving truck

That moment when you realize the 17-foot truck isn’t going to be big enough.  Even with two (full!!) storage units.  And months of pre-move purging.  But it’s ok.  Deep breaths.  Just keep swimming.  No way through it but to do it.  Blah blah blah. The most precious of cargo.  At least they fit. See you […]

Seven Quick Takes: Motivational Speech Edition


1. Ken had me watch this motivational speech early this morning.   I don’t know why.  Maybe he just wanted to share an interest with me.  Or more likely it was a not-so-subtle way of saying, “Hey Cari.  Listen.  You’ve been in the same clothes for last three days, and you haven’t mopped the floor […]

Insert Clever Title Here (Moving Update)


NINE DAYS! If all goes well on the lawyer-y end of things, we close on the new house in NINE DAYS! Today, I got to stop by for some schtuff (unbelievable details to follow in a future post), and guess what I saw?  THIS! I mean, not TECHNICALLY true, as we haven’t forked over all […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Mercifully, It Ends


I was just going to sort of heave a sigh of relief and stare wordlessly up at the ceiling about the season finale of The Walking Dead, but my friend Christie insisted, and so here we are. *sigh* You know what made last season’s finale so great?  It was a long time coming.  Like, the […]

Seven Churches on Holy Thursday

st. bernard inside

Growing up Protestant, Holy Week was more or less limited to acknowledgement that it was Good Friday, then celebration of Easter Sunday two days later.  So one of the many, many joys I’ve had since converting was learning about all the ways Holy Mother Church invites us to participate more fully in Christ’s final days […]

Moving Pains


I always not-so-secretly pride myself on not being a packrat.  I used to be when I was younger, and my oldest child is notorious for being one, but generally speaking, I feel like we toe that line of minimalism. There’s nothing like moving to show me how wrong I am. When we got the house […]

Se7en Quick Takes About the Move!11!!!!!1!!!!


Breaking radio silence (a.k.a. running around like a chicken with my head cut off) to come give an update about Clan Donaldson’s Very Big Move. Are you ready?  Here goes: 1. We accepted an offer on this house.  We passed all inspections.  We did requested repairs.  We survived.  There is nothing like paying someone to […]

Application for Martyrdom


selling a house daylight savings time low-grade fevers house inspection- requiring vacating the house (all 6 kids and 2 dogs) for four hours potty training and all the normal stuff a mother is supposed to do in a day ….all while solo parenting because Ken’s been on a business trip for the last two weeks. […]

Anything More Than a Whisper…


I’ve told you before about my completely irrational and utterly gleeful love of the movie Gladiator, right? Well it isn’t just for birth prep, oh no.  I use that movie for all the things in my life.  Take this move, for example.  The last time I really talked about it here on the blog (or, […]