When the Readings at Mass Hit You Like WHOA!


Zomg.  How about those readings at Mass today?  Amirite? Man.  Every. Single. Reading.  It was so jam packed full of goodness, and some shocking anomaly of spacetime happened and so even the two little ones were good SO I COULD ACTUALLY LISTEN. Mothers of littles, trust me- it’ll happen one of these days.  It really […]

The Unexpected Sense of Rest


I used to have wanderlust.  I would wake up every Saturday morning with one thought on my mind- Where are we going to go today?  What road trip could we spontaneously take?  What new sights could we see? The need to shrug off my house and surroundings grew to a fevered pitch every weekend.  We’d […]

Living Witness Radio Interview

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.23.56 AM

I’ll be on Living Witness with Mary Graham today at 2 EST.  If you have a minute, you can steam it live here. In other news, I’ve been so busy.  Good busy, good things, but busy.  I think about coming here to write, but the thought of pouring out the work of my hands into […]

June Garden Tour Linkup

june garden tour

YOU GUYS, WE KICKED JUNE’S GARDENY BUTT! When last we toured the gardens, it was almost exactly one month ago.  Not too much had been done in terms of aesthetics, because we were so busy moving in and hacking down 20 years of overgrowth and neglect. Oh yeah, and we were in the middle of […]

Assaulted by Angels


Happy feast of Sts. Peter and Paul! In today’s Scripture reading, it says that Peter, while in jail, was visited by an angel of the Lord who rescued him. But, before actually removing the chains, the angel had to wake the sleeping Apostle. He did this by striking Peter on the side. STRIKING HIM ON […]

Why I’m Glad I Don’t Politic


Hi there.  My name is Cari, and I’m a sporadic blogger. I’ve been trying to get better.  It was really my intention to update a couple times a week, to drag you guys along with me on this homesteading adventure.  But you know what they say about God and laughing and plans, right? Right. Anyway, […]

May Garden Tour- Linkup


If we all assume that the first two weeks we lived here (which was the last half of April) passed in a spasm of unloading, unpacking, and general chaos that kept us pretty much confined to the interior of the house, then it’s a fair enough statement to say we’ve been making yard improvements for […]

Devotional Suggestions?


I posted this on the blog’s fan page, but I’m posting it here too because Facebook is all full of trickeration when it comes to who can see my posts or not: Since moving, I’ve been getting up early in the morning. Like, earlier than I’ve ever gotten up of my own free will ever. […]