Fear the Walking Dead: Cobalt


One of the intellectual legacies I always admired in Catholicism was its willingness to mine for big-T-Truth in the pagan cultures it ran across.  Instead of throwing the heathen baby out with the heathen bathwater, missionaries of the Faith would sift through, looking for where the culture in question already had intersections with God.  Those existing […]

Winner of Life Is Precious

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And the winner of the copy of “Life Is Precious” is Deb! Deb, check your inbox in the next couple minutes (or, knowing how things roll around here, HOURS), and I’ll send you an email with details. If you didn’t win, but want to get a copy of “Life Is Precious”, visit the American Life […]

Fear the Walking Dead: “The Dog”

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After last episode’s mostly glowing review of FTWD, I was mostly expecting this episode to nosedive and erupt into fiery wreckage.  Shockingly, I was wrong, and I’m confidentish that after a dismal pilot, FTWD is settling into a nice stride.  Equal parts poignant, thought-provoking, and scary, “The Dog” had a little bit of everything that makes […]

Life Is Precious


The older I get (ha!  We all know I don’t get older.  I stay 32- or 37, depending on how I’m feeling- forever), the more I realize that the only way to combat the evil in the world is by being vigilant in recognizing and celebrating and savoring the true, the beautiful, and the good.  Not […]

A Love Letter to Willington

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Guys, I haven’t been here much lately.  And mostly, it’s because my summer has been consumed, utterly consumed, with a community disaster.  I’ve alluded to that disaster, and our town’s fight against it, a couple times, but if you’ll indulge me today, I’d like to explain what’s going on in a very lengthy post (I […]

Fear the Walking Dead Recap: So Close, Yet So Far


Maybe I’ve said it before here, maybe I haven’t.  But I feel very comfortable with metaphors describing the Most Holy Trinity as The Storyteller.  It just clicks, deep in my bones, to view God through the context of Story.  Which is probably why narratives and the narrative arc and plot and pacing and characterization are […]

Meanwhile, in the Asylum

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Lest you fear that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth (indeed, if there’s even a “you” left to read this, because everyone’s given up on me ever posting again), I just wanted to drop by and tell you that we are all, in fact, still alive, although given the shenanigans the boys have […]

When the Readings at Mass Hit You Like WHOA!


Zomg.  How about those readings at Mass today?  Amirite? Man.  Every. Single. Reading.  It was so jam packed full of goodness, and some shocking anomaly of spacetime happened and so even the two little ones were good SO I COULD ACTUALLY LISTEN. Mothers of littles, trust me- it’ll happen one of these days.  It really […]

The Unexpected Sense of Rest


I used to have wanderlust.  I would wake up every Saturday morning with one thought on my mind- Where are we going to go today?  What road trip could we spontaneously take?  What new sights could we see? The need to shrug off my house and surroundings grew to a fevered pitch every weekend.  We’d […]