The Walking Dead Recap: Consumed


First off, sorry this is so late.  Ken left for a business trip on Wednesday, and things have been nonstop around here being solo parent. But!  If Detroit stops delaying his flight, he should be home soon, and so I’m hiding in the office to do an extremely tardy recap. Daryl and Carol!!!!!!!111!!!!!   Like, […]

Wolf Suit


Ken and I have been trying to get the kids experiences, rather than things, for recent gift-giving occasions.  Think: museum memberships, activity lessons, day trips, that sort of thing.  It was just making us so sad to see money spent on items that quickly got lost, broken, or otherwise rendered unusable, while things like ice […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Self Help


Well, there it is.  The cat is out of the bag.  The secret that Eugene was keeping under his Tennessee tophat is now out there in the open for everyone to just deal with. The episode starts with Tara and Maggie driving home the point we all got last week- a healthy community values its […]

Happy One Year Anniversary, Pope Awesome!

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.32.52 AM

So a year ago today, my book was officially released.   Since then, I’ve been honored to talk about my crazy ride to marriage, motherhood, and God on blogs, radio shows, and TV.  I’ve met so many people who spent precious time and money reading my book, and shared their conversion or reversion stories with […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Slabtown


So I know there are some people who don’t despise Beth as much as I do, so out of respect for your extraordinarily generous natures, I’ll try to keep the Beth snark down to a minimum (I’m going back through the texts Erinn and I sent each other while watching the episode, and some variation […]

Ora Et Labora for the Holy Souls

allsoulsday146 copy

I love All Souls Day.  As I fumblingly tried to explain in my post for Catholic Exchange, learning about the process of final sanctification via Purgatory was a revelation for me.  And ever since, I’ve had a strong devotion for the Holy Souls.  I can’t explain it without sounding….I don’t know, dippy?  But my heart […]

Theme Thursday: Crack

TT crack

Because I am secretly a 12 year old boy, this week’s topic made me giggle every time I thought about it.  But because I am also a nice, sensible mom, I did not take a shot of the first “crack” that came to mind. You’re welcome. Instead, I’m doing a brag shot of my sourdough […]

Five Favorites- Halloween Edition


I haven’t done this in forever.  But there’s housework and schooling to avoid, so let’s let my monkey take full control for a few minutes, shall we?  Five (pretty much free) Halloween favorites! 1. The Walking Dead While this week’s episode was just “meh”, my cousin’s recap and the always fun Walking Gifs made up […]