Where’s Waldo, Cari Edition


So once upon a time, I had this blog that I tended to and cultivated and was on top of. Those were good times. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught our moving announcement.  After five-almost six- years of life here at Blue Box Hill, we’re putting the house on the market […]

Third Annual Elf Twitter Party

Buddy-the-Elf copy

You guys, when Dwija and I jokingly slapped together a live tweet Elf-watching party three years ago, it was just for fun.  I don’t think I’d seen Elf yet, and Dwija knew it was time to remedy that shocking gap in my movie viewing history.  Plus, hanging out with you all on Twitter?  The best […]

Bread Fails and the Importance of Creation

bread fail

I’ve been trying to master sourdough.  For some reason, it’s intimidating to me, despite the fact that I’ve been baking bread for well over a decade.  I made the starter myself, mixing a cup of flour and a cup of water together in a plastic jar and then….waiting.   Waiting for whatever native yeasts that are […]

How Saying Grace Before Meals Makes Every Meal a Feast

more feasts cover

We are horrible at routine family prayer.  Rosaries are always truncated into one, heavily loaded decade, and even that is sporadic (usually when the two-year old goes around the house, handing everyone their beads, and guilting us all into the living room.  True story).  Daily scripture readings happen almost never, and while I always intend […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Coda

beth down copy

 A moment of silence for Beth. Ha!  JK, y’all know I couldn’t stand Beth.  But, before I go any further, let’s take a poll, The Talking Dead-style! What was Beth trying to do to Dawn? Really, that’s what this whole episode boils down to for me: what was Beth thinking in her final moments?  Was […]

Theme Thursday: Thankful


Hope you and yours are having a very happy Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law and her two girls are up for the holiday.  I am so thankful that they got to come, so thankful they got to spend so much time here, and so thankful for them, full stop.     An InLinkz Link-up

The Walking Dead Recap: Consumed


First off, sorry this is so late.  Ken left for a business trip on Wednesday, and things have been nonstop around here being solo parent. But!  If Detroit stops delaying his flight, he should be home soon, and so I’m hiding in the office to do an extremely tardy recap. Daryl and Carol!!!!!!!111!!!!!   Like, […]

Wolf Suit


Ken and I have been trying to get the kids experiences, rather than things, for recent gift-giving occasions.  Think: museum memberships, activity lessons, day trips, that sort of thing.  It was just making us so sad to see money spent on items that quickly got lost, broken, or otherwise rendered unusable, while things like ice […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Self Help


Well, there it is.  The cat is out of the bag.  The secret that Eugene was keeping under his Tennessee tophat is now out there in the open for everyone to just deal with. The episode starts with Tara and Maggie driving home the point we all got last week- a healthy community values its […]