Quilt of Valor Presentation


So one year and three months ago (more or less), I had one of my many many many many ENFP ideas.  If you know any ENFPs in real life, you will understand this occurrence.  It’s when a new, bright, shiny idea takes hold and the ENFP in question focuses all her attention onto it, while […]

A Story of Prayers and Poop

4 mos

So get comfy and let me tell you one of the stories about our journey to this place.  It’s a good one, and I’ll try my  best to do it justice. Ken and I had dreamed about moving out to a place with land for years.  Back in Mississippi, we had an offer in on […]

I Did A Gallery Wall, So Anyone Can


I have a love/hate relationship with gallery walls.  On the one hand, I have this lurking suspicion that they’re a horrible fad fueled on by Pinterest.  On the other hand, I love them and don’t care if they are a fad.  Which I bet they’re not.  Unless the Louvre is a fad.  Which I don’t […]

Tour de Homestead: The Basement


So ever since Ken posted this picture on Instagram during one of our pre-offer tours of the house: my cousin Beth has been begging for a basement tour.  Because let’s face it- any basement with a creepy little vignette like the above in it has got to be interesting. So because Ohana means “Family” and […]

Sneaking In the House to Share Good Stuff


I have a confession: I had, up until we moved, fallen into the “Screen As Babysitter” trap.  It wasn’t just the stress of moving what pushed me down the dark path, it was laziness and poor self-discipline Hey, I’m comfortable enough with myself to call a spade a spade. But since moving, I think the […]

Up With the Sun, Down With the Sun


I’m in bed every night by 9:30, at the latest.  I’m up and out of bed and doing productive things by 6:30, at the latest.  I fall into bed like a stone and sleep like one and wake up in the morning feeling rested and ready to go do stuff. It’s amazing. So.  What have […]

We Are Here! We Are Here! First Floor House Tour

front door

Oh my gosh you all.  We’re here.  We made it.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for us, who listened to me complain about never getting the house, who helped out with the move.  Thank you thank you thank you. I mentioned before that there are so many amazing stories that happened on this journey, […]

Moving Day(s)

moving truck

That moment when you realize the 17-foot truck isn’t going to be big enough.  Even with two (full!!) storage units.  And months of pre-move purging.  But it’s ok.  Deep breaths.  Just keep swimming.  No way through it but to do it.  Blah blah blah. The most precious of cargo.  At least they fit. See you […]

Seven Quick Takes: Motivational Speech Edition


1. Ken had me watch this motivational speech early this morning.   I don’t know why.  Maybe he just wanted to share an interest with me.  Or more likely it was a not-so-subtle way of saying, “Hey Cari.  Listen.  You’ve been in the same clothes for last three days, and you haven’t mopped the floor […]

Insert Clever Title Here (Moving Update)


NINE DAYS! If all goes well on the lawyer-y end of things, we close on the new house in NINE DAYS! Today, I got to stop by for some schtuff (unbelievable details to follow in a future post), and guess what I saw?  THIS! I mean, not TECHNICALLY true, as we haven’t forked over all […]