Invisible Struggle


The start of this story will sound familiar to lots of you: there was a woman, we’ll call her Rose, who I followed online.  Some of you know the drill- she read the same blogs I did, commented on them, struck me as funny/interesting/smart, I followed her back to her blog, and from there we […]

Edel 2014


First off, a confession:  in the days leading up to the Edel Gathering, I didn’t want to go.  I can’t explain it, other than this fear suddenly came over me.  I was going to get violated by security.  Hamas was going to make good on their threat to take down an American flight with my […]

Theme Thursday: Trails


Trails?  I LOVE TRAILS!  But you know what’s sad?  I don’t have a picture of any yet.  Because I am a slacker and a flake. Oh!  Hang on, let me go run down to the gully and take a picture real quick.  You won’t even notice I’m gone. Ok.  There.  Did I tell you about […]

Contributing to the Anti-Child Culture

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.02.48 PM

Last week, Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas wrote a piece that is probably the best thing I’ll read online all year.  I loved it not only because of where I’m standing now, the mother to six children who are currently either not napping, or running amok in the backyard, but also because where I come […]

Resisting the Planning Itch


It’s just about the end of July, which is usually the time when summer vacation has taken on some decidedly grating tones at Clan Donaldson.  The novelty of no real daily schedule has worn off, and the kids have used the word “bored”, half a dozen times, which is saying something because that word is […]

Theme Thursday: Vacation


Sliiiiiiiding in here a little late this week.  Sorry! Our family vacation this year won’t be until the end of September, so instead, let me show you a picture from a previous year: This was three years ago, on our vacation to go hunt down Champ.  That’s right.  Not only are we a rollicking Catholic […]

Notions of Beauty

Emmylou Harris Performs At Barbican Centre In London

Just this morning, I was sitting at the dining room table, with my much beleaguered husband being pressed into service as a colorist, painting my hair medium golden brown.  My failed attempt at red hair had resulted in a faint orangey tinge to all but the top two inches of roots, and I didn’t want […]

Mystery Bumps

scary hand illusion

So things have been weird around here. Last week, Lotus got some sort of flesh colored bumps all over her hands, and then the bumps started itching.  Then the bumps started itching so much that she couldn’t sleep. And that’s when surly bear Lotus came out. All day Sunday, she was hysterical, itching her hands, […]

Theme Thursday: Bright


Did you know there’s more than one kind of dawn?  It’s true.  There’s astronomical dawn, and nautical dawn, and civil dawn. I only know this because I live in New England, where dawn comes, I’m not kidding you, at 4:30 a.m. at the height of summer.  So bright, so early. It’s ok, though.  Winter is […]

A “Dining With the Doctor” Birthday


Some time ago, my good friend Poppy alerted me to a certain Whovian-themed cookbook that was $1.99 that day on Kindle.  With a name like Dining With the Doctor, how could I refuse?  I bought it, and almost immediately, my then-11 year old snatched it away from me.  The only person in this house who […]