Se7en Quick Takes About the Move!11!!!!!1!!!!


Breaking radio silence (a.k.a. running around like a chicken with my head cut off) to come give an update about Clan Donaldson’s Very Big Move. Are you ready?  Here goes: 1. We accepted an offer on this house.  We passed all inspections.  We did requested repairs.  We survived.  There is nothing like paying someone to […]

Application for Martyrdom


selling a house daylight savings time low-grade fevers house inspection- requiring vacating the house (all 6 kids and 2 dogs) for four hours potty training and all the normal stuff a mother is supposed to do in a day ….all while solo parenting because Ken’s been on a business trip for the last two weeks. […]

Anything More Than a Whisper…


I’ve told you before about my completely irrational and utterly gleeful love of the movie Gladiator, right? Well it isn’t just for birth prep, oh no.  I use that movie for all the things in my life.  Take this move, for example.  The last time I really talked about it here on the blog (or, […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Forget


Shameful disclosure: Ken loves those “coming of age” flicks.  You know the ones- the movies where the band of tightly knit friends graduate from high school or college and find that along the process of maturation they drift apart as a cohesive group?  He loves them.  I hate them, but I really like Ken, so […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Remember


…or, as I like to call it, A Requiem for Rick’s Beard. I mean, it wasn’t an epic beard.  But it was getting there.  It had potential.  I think a couple more episodes and Rick could have been the proud owner of a magnificent beard: Ok, but beyond the beard, I have to say that […]

The Walking Dead Recap: “The Distance”


Now, before you think that I accidentally missed an episode, what with the absence of a post on “Them”, I have to come clean.  Since coming back from the mid-season break, the show has been very, very hard to watch.  Either because it’s emotionally grueling (like “Them”), or because I have this growing sense of […]

Real Estate as Lent


Woosh.  It’s been all like this around the blog lately: I’ll go ahead and blame the house being on the market for the hiatus, because I get the sense that Obama’s been blamed for enough. And that’s it, but only in a roundabout way.  Mostly, I’ve been over here going through the spiritual bootcamp that […]

The Walking Dead Recap: What Happened and When

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 5.41.00 PM

The Walking Dead is back!  That means I may be roused from my bloggy slumber to come write!  Huzzah! “What Happened and When” is an apt title for this show, the glorious return after a two and a half month hiatus.  Ken and I watch on Monday nights when he gets home from work, and […]

Superbowl Betting


Yesterday, Ken facetiously asked us who we were rooting for in the Superbowl.  Teams were picked at they always are around here: based on team name and/or costume colors. Poor Ken.  I know he so longs for someone under his roof to give a rip about sports.  It just…hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, the battle lines […]