The Walking Dead Recap: “The Distance”


Now, before you think that I accidentally missed an episode, what with the absence of a post on “Them”, I have to come clean.  Since coming back from the mid-season break, the show has been very, very hard to watch.  Either because it’s emotionally grueling (like “Them”), or because I have this growing sense of […]

Real Estate as Lent


Woosh.  It’s been all like this around the blog lately: I’ll go ahead and blame the house being on the market for the hiatus, because I get the sense that Obama’s been blamed for enough. And that’s it, but only in a roundabout way.  Mostly, I’ve been over here going through the spiritual bootcamp that […]

The Walking Dead Recap: What Happened and When

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 5.41.00 PM

The Walking Dead is back!  That means I may be roused from my bloggy slumber to come write!  Huzzah! “What Happened and When” is an apt title for this show, the glorious return after a two and a half month hiatus.  Ken and I watch on Monday nights when he gets home from work, and […]

Superbowl Betting


Yesterday, Ken facetiously asked us who we were rooting for in the Superbowl.  Teams were picked at they always are around here: based on team name and/or costume colors. Poor Ken.  I know he so longs for someone under his roof to give a rip about sports.  It just…hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, the battle lines […]

Drive by Clicking

totoro flowers

Guys, it’s been quiet here on the blog, in direct proportion to how loud it’s been over here in real life.  Isn’t that how it always is?  When you have time to write, not much is going on, and when there’s something to write about, you’re too busy living it. Anyway, we put an offer […]

Where’s the Kitchen? SHOW US THE KITCHEN!


I know.  The kitchen.  You want to see it, I want to show it.  And man, it’s awesome. But I’ve got a back staircase to paint, and then a whole basement to prep for the realtor’s photographer on Saturday.  Look at what I’m dealing with: Amirite?  And that’s just the stairs.  It’s not even the […]

2015: Saint of, Word of


This word of the year stuff is…I don’t know.  Like, I feel like it’s something that really only settles into focus at the end of the year, when I look back over things and go, “OOooooohhhh!  So that’s how the word played out!”  Like in 2013, when the word I felt led to was “Respite“, […]